Ikea Antilop high chair costs $20, is better than fancy high chairs

When I was pregnant, I researched every baby product that I had. So I bought some items, including a $129 highchair with a bell and whistle. It’s an expensive item. It has comfort padding and recliner positions to support babies and a cup holder. I hope everything works out well for my baby. After my daughter’s birth, I didn’t learn about the Ikea Antilop highchair. I heard the story countless times. The mothers were saying how amazing that is. But my belief was not strong. I wonder if $20 chairs are worth the price?


What should I buy if I have babies? The retail giant is known for quality but inexpensive products at around half their rival prices. IKEA shops offer a wide variety of products for various rooms. In other words, it’s possible to get IKEA chairs for any room in the home. Green guard gold-certified nursery furniture and baby seats are recommended.

How we tested

I first positioned a pair of high chairs and noticed a particular difficulty or frustration. The whole process took me three hours. I measured each seat footprint and looked at how simple the folding and rolling were to move around between meals. I have inspected 26 chairs and used the chairs that worked best daily.

Buying options

When we started publishing, it was around $6. Combining several characteristics, this is the most accessible cleaning chair we tested. Unlike modular seating such as the 5-seater Graco Blossom or Fisher Price 4-in-One Clean Chair, Antilop doesn’t have difficult areas for finding liquid pools. Its rectangular seats are rolled into plastic without crevices, creases, or seams to hide dirt. It has no fabric, except you can choose an IKEA Pyttig back pillow, which is accessible on the hands.

Who should get this?

A high chair is a rare baby item that is a practical necessity. Almost all babies start consuming solid food around three years of age; they can also use an upright chair. Some families put the high chair away before their child is older, while many use it as a toddler, sometimes even after 18. In all instances, high chairs will ensure children are safe while they are eating and containing their food. The guide was created to meet the needs of parents who had never been to school.

Why should you trust us?

I spent 9 hours studying the chair, assessing the model for safety issues, and consul with Heather Felton, a Louisville pediatrician working for the American Academy of Pediatricians. She is a seasoned safety and injury, prevention specialist. In addition, I spent several hours investigating chair safety online, using Consumer Protection Bureau databases. I surveyed two dozen parents around America to see the features of high chairs.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

Parents with younger babies will find the IKEA Antilope requires your child’s help as you have to place your little feet into holes inside the seats. This means it is less suitable for large kids that you have to push out and slide like when using a regular wooden chair at home. It is unclear if IKEA has any age or weight limits for its chairs. The Antilop is neither folded nor adjusted. It has an adjustable but comfortable height that is easy to pull up to your dinner table with trays measuring 27 inches.

How we picked it up

Our research and interviews have revealed that a perfect high chair can possess several characteristics, such as safety. Firstly, we focused on security to narrow the field, and after that, we applied expert knowledge that we collected to analyze each final winner’s stability. Pediatrician and injury-prevention expert Heather Felton says safety chairs shouldn’t feel wobbly. Some chair models have three points and a buckle at the waist.

The high chair is cheap and easy to clean

The price is so affordable it is worthy of mention. Many sought-after seats are about 50 dollars. No parent complained to me about the $20.50 price tag. Any parent would agree that learning food from babies can take time. Try washing yogurt from chairs with plastic sacks and chairs with the contents. This doesn’t feel good. Unlike other high chairs, the seats are all in a single piece, so the food does not have gaps.

Summary & recommendations

IKEA provides a variety of chair styles in several styles. These are great chairs for your children because there are many options. Choose the IKEA Antilop chair ($2499 with tray; $16.99 with no tray).

How can I upgrade my IKEA chair?

You can easily upgrade your IKEA high chair with a classic settee with padded cushioning, stylish prints, a colorful food-grade silicone holder, padded legs, and firm footrests.

Why do people love IKEA chairs?

Some of us prefer IKEA highchairs, but many of them are chosen not only for their low price but also as an ideal seat where your toddler can eat.

Who needs a high chair?

These infant foods can be useful after babies start eating foo4-6. Don’t use high chairs when your baby’s weight is excessive.

How old can a baby sit on an IKEA chair?

Most IKEA Chairs will accommodate infants up to 3 ft or up to 33 pounds.

Ikea Antilop High Chair

Ikea high chairs cost $33.00. It’s amazing! It was never known for anyone to get the most affordable chair. I’ve seen some significant advantages here.

Ikea Chair Negatives

It’s not helpful to position the baby properly on your seat. Seats on buckets are more significant than the Stokke Chairs. Infants can walk on the floor, slouch, raise their legs, etc. Once my daughter got to nine months and realized she had control over her body, she began to sit sideways and stare at other women. And she was lifting his legs as this image shows—nothing to eat. The cushioning in the Antilop seat can help reduce the discomfort. We’re, however, convinced that this was a little too heavy and easily dirty.

Baby Led Weaning and Ikea High Chair

These chairs have been popular among baby-led weaning crowds. That is the reason why it costs. It is another big issue for me. It has one holder that functions as it should, but it’s impossible to get out. We stored the chair with a holder in the seat and legged off since we didn’t have to remove this. When the tray has been lowered, it does not have much room in front to hold the child when strapped. But bringing a baby into a chair may help that way, but it doesn’t do much in its own right.

What type of outdoor furniture is the most durable?

Wrought iron is highly durable outdoor furniture that can last many years. The investment indeed continues to give and has a heavier frame.

What is an outside couch called?

Outdoor furniture, also called patio furniture or outdoor furniture, are furniture types specifically created for outdoor usage. The materials of this product include aluminum, which is weather-resistant, and they are corrosion-proof.

Can you leave patio furniture outside in the Winter?

Yeah! Patio furniture should have outdoor uses. Autumn and winter weather will affect furniture however without proper precautions. Make sure the table is cleaned before storage or covering for Winter.

What is the best outdoor wooden furniture?

Look into alternatives such as teak, acacia, or eucalyptus for durable outdoor furniture. Over time sunlight, wind and rainfall weaken and weather outdoor wood furnishings. It is always better to protect them from any elements when keeping them in good condition.

Can patio furniture be left outside in the Winter?

Yeah! Patio chairs are built for outdoor use. Fall weather can affect your furniture if your property is damaged. Keep all the furniture in good shape for at least a week before leaving it out for the holidays.

Can you use an Ikea Poang chair outside?

What are good Ikea Poang Chairs for? The Poang chair is ideal for the living room, the nursery, the reading room, the office, and the living room, as well as the terrace and patios.

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