How to Buy Folding Tables (And Our Picks)

Who is this for?

Folding tables are available in wide varieties and sizes. They are flexible depending on your use, storage, and the weight you want to place over the table. Six-foot center-fold tables are suitable for six adult seats (8 if squeezed) and small enough to store and transport easily. It’s an excellent choice for people who tend not to like the way the center seam on the table may not sit completely flat.

Buying a folding table

Folding tables is no fun buy. You might ask yourself why you didn’t live without one before. The folding table ensures you do not need extra room at parties or holidays for your celebration or dinner party. Get them from the closet or garage, place them there and get the table. Get one that will last for many years. Folding tables have always been durable and easy to take down and assemble. They are also easy to use. This folding desk is the best.

What should be considered when choosing the best folding table?

Folding tables provide seating and storage. You just folded out the legs, and voilà – you have a place for people and a table for gathering food and supplies. Some folding tables are suited for specific tasks if their dimensions or materials match them.

Folding and locking mechanisms

Standard Leg Configuration for round or rectangular tables includes two leg pieces that fold under the table to allow storage. Each package contains two connected tables with the same legs: the farther apart these legs are, the better the support is. A square table has a similar leg configuration. Still, it often has four individual legs that fold up to one edge of the table. The majority of folding chairs have locking systems that prevent the tables from accidentally collapsing when used.


Generally, the portability will vary depending on the weight of the fold-tables. These large, heavy models weigh up to 50 pounds and are commonly used for gatherings at churches and schools. The large table is typically positioned in an office building. The smaller folding tables weigh as little as 10 pounds and can be stored in garages or sheds and moved into trucks. Photos: Gillian Taylor.


The folding table is constructed of strong yet lightweight materials that make it stable and mobile. The underframe, excluding fold legs, is typically metal, often aluminum or powder-coated steel, which helps reduce corrosion and rust. Tabletop Material differs based on your table’s plans so that a category will suit the table more than the others.

The Cosco 6-foot Centerfold Table is our top pick.

The above table has the highest quality, effortless installation and assembly, and price. Our top pick, the Cosco 6-foot Centerfold Table, is made with durable locks and weights 100lbs. Here are the top foldable chairs. Thanks to Walmart!

Also good

The Spruce/Sabira Jiang folding table provides versatile surfaces ideal for any event, from a dinner party to crafts.

National BT3000 tabletops are backed with solid wood and are quicker to set up & more stable – it also does not contain the awkward holes or cracks in their curved counterparts. There is nothing terrible about the BT000, but it carries a heavier weight and is heavier than a centerfielder. You used a truck for the transport. The setting is effortless. Unlike the center folding primary option, the tabletop is not open. It’s easy to assemble. The feet are pinned into the underside of the table to prevent them from swinging out while you’re moving the table.

Budget Selection

Plastic: Dev Group Banquet tables are different from our most expensive selection. It lacks all the automated configuration capabilities of office Star and outperforms most other Models for setup convenience and stability. The cost is much lower. This item can be purchased in a wide selection of Target stores, which is an excellent perk. Banquet tables are not as straightforward as office tables, but they are closer. These two pieces of the table require more force to move, and it is necessary to lock these doors up to fold the legs manually.

Also great

The Lifetime 8160 Commercial Adjustable Folding Utility is somewhat short and also narrow. Choose three height options that can be found in larger tables. Because it has small dimensions, this desk fits in smaller rooms easily. The Lifetime version had the most manageable adjustable legs – the most stable & the best tabletop. In terms of size, it is an excellent choice for naming the Utility tables. It has a smaller width (6 inches) than the six-foot table we tested.

How we picked and tested

Foldtables often have a similar appearance. Look closer, and you’ll see a few things that can significantly affect the quality. Price: Expect to pay anywhere from $40 – $60 to purchase a 6-foot center-fold table. Even though they were priced at about $130, there are not many of them. The most 6-foot solid table is around $89. A 4-foot table is generally about $30-50. When you get cheaper, you’ll have less furniture or tables.


Generally, the shapes in the folding table are rectangular squares or ovals. The body of tables could determine the best use for them. Round folding tables have become famous for dinner parties because they facilitate conversations. Rectangular folding tables can display or serve things in any room or place. Square folding tables are smaller but are suitable for smaller spaces. These folding tables are also commonly used in playing cards and board games.

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