Popular Windows Styles in 2022

You know you need new windows, but which ones should you get?

Choosing the right windows for your needs is essential. This is because windows are a long-term investment in comfort, aesthetics, and utility. The windows you choose will significantly impact how you can use the window and energy efficiency. Increased energy efficiency can reduce costs for utilities (water, power, gas). 

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Picture windows

When looking outside your home, it will provide you with great views. Picture windows are fixed windows that cannot be opened but can be easily integrated into other windows. They are big windows with no breaks and visible frames, giving unobstructed views. Installing large picture windows will help make the space bigger. Typical windows cost anywhere between $375 and $795 depending on the size.

Glass block windows

Glass blocks are considered accents and installed in a room or part of a home to let light pass. Glass windows typically have frosted surfaces or are painted. This is done so that light can enter the room while providing privacy for visitors. They can also be positioned in the bathroom, basement, or other private spaces. Glass windows are $400 or $1000. They are a good protection feature since they contain large glass blocks and can’t be easily damaged. It is easy to get them out by keeping moisture away from the floors and basements through durable sealing.

Bay windows

Bay windows add beauty to the living room and kitchen – offering dazzling views outside. They extend out outside the walls and form an interior storage area. These use flat glass angled in a frame built out of the home. The installation of bay windows costs more because of the large windows, which require skilled facilities. The window cost is usually between $1215 and $2595, with a typical window costing between $200-800 per window. It typically has one centered window and is angled 30-40° from the side windows. Window panels on the side can be double-hung or casement windows to allow ventilation.

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The transom window is a decorative accent window that helps to set or add a unique style focal point. These windows feature decorative glass installed over windows or over some windows at upscale houses. Installing transom windows costs between $150 and $400 each and makes for the perfect home accent. It is usually shaped semicircularly but can also be square or rectangular. Transom windows can be used to accent other types of windows and create a unique design by incorporating them. The glass helps provide more light in spaces and is suitable both inside and outside of homes.

Bow windows

Bow windows feature custom curved windows creating curved areas at each end of the home, allowing an extensive view of your backyard area or front yard. Based on how many windows you want for creating a curved bow window, they can sometimes be more cost-effective than a fully-mounted bay window. Bow window installation would typically cost about $500. Bow windows, also called compass windows, use up to six windows to give your property a Victorian look. The windows have fixed windows in the center and ventilation windows in the corners.

Round circle windows

Round, rectangular or oval—round circle window categories have several forms that will enhance architectural interest. Round windows also add to the historical decor of this room — reminiscent of Victorian or Gothic structures, for example. Half-round glass is also compatible with other window types like pictures or doors to provide an alternative look for your house style. The round window is typically between $300 and $840. While most are fixed round windows, there can also be round window models which can be adjusted to allow ventilation.

Storm windows

Storm windows are windows outside your house installed into your existing frame. It is popular in coastal areas with high rainfall and stormy regions. A storm window adds another layer to block air leaks, which is ideal for cold weather. This makes it suitable for areas with often unrelenting climates. The installation cost of storm window installation is generally from $80-168 per window. Storm windows are typical for coastal locations. These windows can be installed inside or out on windows and are more cost-efficient.

Hopper Windows

Hopper windows are perfect in rooms with limited walls for new glass. It is typically pushed open up to tip back from the top. They efficiently use compact spaces, which explains their everyday use of basements or bathrooms. Unlike exit windows, basement hoppers primarily provide ventilation because the smaller dimensions cannot be used to provide emergency exits. Hopper windows are priced between $170 and $645 each. It’s also considered very efficient insulation since they seal the frame when closed to the whole.

Double Hung Windows

The double-hung window looks the same as single-hung windows; however, the lower and upper sashes can quickly move up and down and generally tilt back for cleaning and maintenance. This type of replacement window has a wide assortment of styles from the top manufacturers with customization choices for every home in the house. Double hanging windows can be purchased at $315-646.50 per square foot. Window Frames Impacting Prices! A vinyl double-hung window is cheaper, while double-hung timber windows are more costly.

If there’s only so little space for windows on the exterior walls, the skylights are the ideal solution for this type of window. It is essentially the windows of your roof that install like duct tape. Skylight Window Install costs between 950 and 2,500. Skylights can be fixed or movable to provide ventilation. Homeowners can also install automatic skylight opening/closing windows by pushing a button rather than manually. In addition to providing an evacuation route, the doors are an emergency use.

Single Hung Windows

Single-pane windows open horizontally, with lower window panels moving up and down and upper window panels remaining stationary. This means you can open the windows with the sash covering the interior of the door. It is about how these parts rotate, which makes them different from double or one-hung windows. Typical single-hung doors cost from $80 – $605. These are essentially the cheapest and simplest windows. Find out the costs of installing hangers in this section.

Garden windows

Garden windows are basically small windows intended for displaying plants. These are named because these greenhouses resemble tiny, tiny greenhouses extending from your home. Mini shelves allow the plants and herbs to appear from the outside when you get sunlight. Garden window installation costs between $800 and $4,000. Gardens have window openings to expand the area. The plant is installed in the living room and kitchen by opening sides for ventilation.

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The casement window swings outward. It allows window construction using solid glass, which allows an improved overall view of the area. New casements are available for installation costs between $315 and $890. The windows are typically provided with a casement window on the left / a window on the right. Casements have become an emerging trend of contemporary house windows as it opens a room with higher quality while providing a more desirable value.

Egress windows

Ejector windows should be designed mainly for protection. This type of window offers an escape path if the need is urgent or fire prevents you from exiting the door. Egress window installation typically takes place in your basement. Certain cities require you to install exit windows to ensure security. This might be necessary to dig up some areas to properly install, and the cost of installing the egress window will depend on the house.

Arched windows

Arched doors have round edges, which add attractive architecture to any property. The average cost of installing arched windows ranges between $35 and $100. Most curved windows have no opening or closing and usually sit below standard window ductwork for ventilation. Some are open cases. They may also be inserted within multi-arch structures with square or rectangle-like windows facing each and arches on the top.

Sliding windows

Several sliding doors offer extra room on the walls. It contains two sections or seats made from single windows, which generally slide vertically on top of other windows for opening or closing. The installation cost varies between $48 to $90 on average because they’re of huge sizes. Depending on the windows’ width, sliding doors make small rooms seem more significant. These windows may be referred to as gliding windows.

Gliding windows

Where are these? Usually seen in the kitchen, living room, and bedrooms. Fun fact: Like the sliding door, more minor 

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